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Mob of Two Bio

Mob of Two


MOB of TWO is the collaborative imprint of Tiana Krahn and Sara L. Press, based in Sonoma County, CA. Tiana and Sara have been writing, drawing, painting, photographing, printing and binding their own artists’ books for the past couple decades, until joining forces in 2020 to produce work together. All told, between them they have published thirty small editions. Tiana’s solo Projects are published under the imprint Spell and Bind Press, and Sara’s are at Deeply Game Publications.

Sara L. Press

Sara L. Press is a book artist based in Sonoma County, CA. Under her imprint Deeply Game Publications (, she has produced sixteen small editions, as well as two collaborative editions under the imprint Mob of Two. Sara’s projects combine conceptualism and craftsmanship, probing areas of discomfort and paradox within a delicious visual experience. She uses a variety of media including photography, printmaking, painting, and text to highlight peculiar areas of overlap between nature & culture. Other topics include constructions of masculinity & femininity, and the relationship between emotional & scientific reasoning. Sara’s work can be seen by the public in many rare books collections including those at the Library of Congress, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, and dozens of universities’ special collections.

Tiana Krahn

Tiana Krahn produces artist books under the name Spell & Bind Press. Over the past decade she has written, illustrated, designed, letterpress printed and bound 12 editions. She is a longtime printer and educator at the North Bay Letterpress Arts organization, and recently co-founded Mob of Two, a collaborative imprint. Her work can be seen in special collections such as those at Harvard, Amherst, UCLA, and The National Gallery Of Art. Her books focus on cultural and social bridge building, as she joyfully endeavors to expand hearts. Tiana lives and works in Northern California.