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Photo: Origami by Andrea Factor

To propose an activity or program you may contact the Board of Directors by filling out the  form below. Please include:

  1. The name and brief description of the activity.

  2. Outcomes expected to achieve.

  3. The dates and times of the activity.

  4. The estimation of resources identified/anticipated.

  5. Is the activity a collaboration with another group or groups?  If so, who are these groups and what is the plan for sharing resources/benefits.

  6. Is the activity open to non-members?

  7. A brief summary report will be submitted at the end of project to include, but not limited to lessons learned and recommendations for possibly repeating the activity.

The Board President and Executive Director will then submit the activity for approval from the Board of Directors via email. The Board of Directors will respond with their approvals or concerns to the President of the Board and Executive Director via email in no later than two weeks. Emails may also be sent to

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