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Virtual Demos

Virtual Demos are recorded during the SDBA Monthly Meetings. Be sure to also check out our Tips & Tricks page for more virtual learning opportunities!

November 2022: Gratitude Globes

Join patsy monk to learn how to make Gratitude Globes, also known as Triskele globes, or click balls. You can use decorated paper or patsy has suggestions for decorating this delightful structure with your own art!

October 2022: Letterlocking: Clever Folds that Kept Letters Secret with Karen Beery

Before envelopes, folds kept our correspondence secure. Learn four letterlocking folds, including the Victorian puzzle purse!

September 2022: Wheel of Fortune variation with Denise Stephenson

August 2022 Demo: Watercolor and Principles of Collage by Kelli Lien.

Come learn SDBA member Kelli Lien’s method for making beautiful, vibrant collages using watercolor and various papers which can then be incorporated into your artists’ books and boxes.

July 2022 Demo: Rice-stitched Book, by Maria Rebelo

This is an elegant exposed-spine book that functions like a Coptic-stitched book but is simpler to sew.

June 2022 Demo: Two-Signature Sewn-as-One Book with a Wrapped Cover, led by Marjorie Grace-Sayers

May 2022 Demo: Board Covering, Turn-Ins, & Inlays, led by Amy Spencer

Come learn how to cover book board for open spine books, including two different ways to do your turn-ins.  We will also explore how to put inlays on the covers to expand your design possibilities.

April 2022 Demo: Illustration thru Collage led by Hollie Chastain

At the April 20th, 2022 monthly meeting, Hollie Chastain demonstrates making greeting cards by combining scenery and quilt patterns to illustrate a place in time to remember and share.

March 2022 Demo: Stuck on You: An Exploration of Adhesives led by Karen Beery

Wednesday March 9, 2022 SDBA monthly meeting led by Karen Beery. Adhesive (also known as glue, cement, mucilage, or paste) a substance used for sticking objects or materials together that resists their separation. The use of adhesives offers certain advantages over other binding techniques such as sewing, mechanical fastenings, or welding.

February 2022 Demo: Make Along of Cathryn Miller’s 2022 Byopia Press Valentine, led by Amy Spencer

SDBA member Amy Spencer leads a demo of Cathryn Miller’s 2022 Byopia Press Valentine during the February 9, 2022 SDBA Monthly Meeting.

Rectangular, Resizable Origami Box by Denise Stephenson

Most origami boxes begin with a square, but this box can begin with any rectangle. Therefore, it can be built to house any size or shape of book. Denise Stephenson has been a book artist for 20 years. Designing journals and boxes are always go-to favorites.

Basic Origami Box Structure by Nancy Akerly

Nancy Akerly is a Paper Artist and a lifelong origami enthusiast. She has used origami and bookbinding in her teaching of kindergarten through college level courses.